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Aaron McKenzie

Aaron McKenzie is a New Zealand born artist who likes to explore the relationship between architecture, geometry and space.

He likes to transform environments by bridging the gap between art and design, fusing elements and taking ideas across many mediums.

His work spans across hand painted furniture, lightboxes, interiors, murals and street art.

Aarons’ versatility comes from a background in sign writing in a pre digital printing world, which exposed him to the world of theatre.

He has designed billboards, posters, interior spaces through to applied art works.

Aarons’ Inspiration came from his father. His father specialised in black and white photography and designed and created hand crafted shoes and guitars amps.

Aarons’ future aspirations include to combine many elements of his artistic career to bring back unique, quality handcrafted products.

Examples of Aaron’s work around the streets and interiors