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ID Crew

ID (Instinct Driven) are a graffiti collective who have been helping to keep Melbourne colourful for a number of years.
The large group includes several international writers, talented tattoo artists, fine artists, printmakers, designers, skaters, musicians and general misfits.

The Shed180 Artwork includes:
Face by Cam Scale
Big Cat by Bailer
Each letter of the piece painted by a different member of the Crew: rews, snuf, cam scale, nekta, props, nost, conks, retainer, duke, resume, bailer, ling, treo, ghost.

Bailer is one of Melbourne’s most dedicated street painters for over 17 years. His instantly recognisable complex graffiti style is based very much on the painting process itself.
Movement is the most important aspect in his work. He likes to depict the movement of the artist as he works and the flow of the letterform/brush stroke.
Often choosing to leave traces of the process apparent -instead of painting a perfectly rendered piece, bailer’s paintings capture a moment from his chaotic psyche.
He feels that the tell tale signs of the artists hands are like notes to be read by a fellow musician. These marks also bring life and soul to his works and help to punctuate the impulses that forced his hand.

Cam Scale is a Melbourne based Artist. With 15 years experience in street art and grafftit, his work is inspired by People nature and urban decay. Working in a variety of mediums, mainly aerosol and acrylic. His work can be found in streets and galleries around Australia.

Examples of ID Crew Collaboration, Bailers work and Cam’s female portrait work are below.